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Audition call for August Wilson’s Fences

Dates: Sunday and Monday, June 25 and 26 in the Princess Theatre, 1228 Meade Avenue, Prosser
Doors open at 6 PM for sign-ins; auditions begin at 6:30 PM
Rolls for five men, ages older teens to 60; one woman, age 40 to early 50s; one girl, age 8-12

Directors: Tamara Pomponio and Rick James
Producers: Allisen Garza and Cliff Gamble

Synopsis: Troy Maxson, a former star of the Negro baseball leagues who now works as a garbage man in1 957 Pittsburgh. Excluded as a black man from the major leagues during his prime, Troy's bitterness takes its toll on his relationships with his wife and his son, who now wants his own chance to play ball.
(Source: Concord Theatricals)

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Scripts are available for a three-day checkout, on a first-come, first-served basis, in Prosser at Mid-
Columbia Library, 902 7th Street, and in Tri-Cities from Cherissa Boyd by calling her at 818.355.0164.
Rehearsals will take place throughout the summer; performances will be September 8, 9, 10 (matinee), 15 and 16.

Character Descriptions
-Troy Maxson
, age 53 at the beginning of the story, is a former baseball star who is now a sanitation worker. Troy’s athletic ability faded before the Major Leagues accepted Black players. He is hardworking, strong, prone to telling compelling stories, and twisting the truth. Troy’s years of hard work for little progress depress him, and he fails to provide the love and emotional support that his loved ones seek.
-Jim Bono, early to mid 50s, has been Troy’s best friend since they met in jail more than 30 years ago. Troy is a role model for Bono, who admires Troy's leadership at work. Every Friday night after work, they drink and tell stories together. Bono is a devoted husband to his wife, Lucille (not seen), and a friend of Rose. His concern for Troy's marriage takes precedence over his loyalty to their friendship.
-Gabriel Maxson, mid 40s, is Troy's brother. Gabriel suffered a head injury as a soldier during World War II. He fully believes that he is Gabriel the Archangel who opens the gates of Heaven upon Judgement Day. Gabriel exudes a child-like exuberance and a need to please.
-Lyons Maxson, mid 30s, is Troy's son from a previous relationship. For much of Lyons’ childhood, his father was not present, because Troy was in prison. Lyons is an ambitious jazz musician and has a hard time making a living. Financially, he relies heavily on his girlfriend and Troy.
-Cory Maxson, age 17 at the beginning of the story, is the son of Troy and Rose. As a high school senior and athlete, college recruiters are coming to see him play football. He gets good grades and is as respectful as any teenager can be. Cory comes of age during the play when he challenges and confronts his father.

-Rose Maxson, early 40s, is Troy's wife and mother of his second child, Cory. She is a housewife who volunteers at the church and loves her family immensely. Rose is also a realist. To save herself from a rough path, she chose Troy and she loves her husband to a fault. She is torn between him and their son. To her, Troy means well but she’s protective of Cory, too.
-Raynelle, age 7, is Troy's illegitimate child. She is introduced as an infant, but it is as a 7-year old that she interacts with others. She makes a much needed impact on Cory when he least expects it.

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