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Jack Quinn Memorial Scholarship Information

What: The Princess Theatre offers a $750 scholarship to a student who is committed to ongoing involvement in the performing arts. Applicants may be high school seniors or continuing college students, and applicants may reapply after an initial award.

History: The scholarship honors Jack Quinn who was a co-founder of the theatre company, formerly known as Valley Musical Comedy Company. Jack directed and performed in company productions and served in a number of different positions within the company. He loved theatre and was beloved by those with whom he worked.

Application Requirements:

  • Application form for The Princess Theatre Scholarship

  • Resume that includes:

    • Career goals

    • School organizations and positions

    • Community organizations and positions

  • List of performances including the following:

    • Date

    • Company, group, or school name

    • Play, concert, or performance title

    • Your role in the performance (character name, instrument played, soloist, small group, crew member, etc.)

  • Official Transcript

  • Character reference letter

  • Performing arts reference letter

  • A 500 word or less statement about how the performing arts have impacted your life, and your plans to stay engaged in the performing arts in the future.

Sara Waywell headhsot.jpg

Application Due Date: March 31st

Application Mailing Address:

Princess Theatre Scholarship Committee
1228 Meade Avenue
Prosser, WA 99350


Scholarship applications are now available at the counselors’ offices at Lower Yakima Valley schools from Prosser to Zillah. Click here to download a copy of the Application form for The Princess Theatre Scholarship.

Last Updated: 2/4/2022

Sara Waywell, Sunnyside High School graduate,

winner of the 2022 Jack Quinn Memorial Scholarship.

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