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Cast List for August Wilson’s Fences

Directors Tamara Pomponio and Rick James and their cast of seven actors are in
rehearsal for our fall production of August Wilson’s Fences. This play is the story of Troy
Maxson, a former star of the Negro baseball leagues who now works as a garbage man
in 1957 Pittsburgh. Excluded as a black man from the major leagues during his prime,
Troy's bitterness takes its toll on his relationships with his wife and his son, who now
wants his own chance to play ball.

The actors and their roles are:
Ezekiel Davis as Troy Maxson
Clifton Gamble as Jim Bono
Alyce Davis as Rose Maxson
Tobaski Snipes as Gabriel Maxson
Corey Jenkins, Jr. as Lyons Maxson
Devin Simpson as Cory Maxson
Olivia Watson as Raynell Maxson.

Performances of Fences will be Fridays and Saturdays, September 8, 9, 15 and 16 at
7:30 PM, with one matinee on Sunday, September 10 at 2:30 PM. Tickets for all
performances will be available in early August on this website.

Adult language and situations and racial slurs; recommended for ages 13+

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